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10 Games That Will Save The Wii U (Part 1/2)


Part 2

It would be fair to say that the Wii U is currently struggling to gain the support Nintendo would have expected over 8 months after the consoles launch. Many people would be quick to claim this is simply happening because the console is a gimmick or because it doesn’t have the power of the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One. However, we at World Nintendo News know that this is simply not the case, as these are traits you could just as easily have associated with the Wii after its launch late into 2006. There is only one reason for the Wii U’s lackluster launch. Games. So far, Nintendo, alongside other publishers, have failed to release any games which make the console stand out. Nothing which pushes the console to its limits. Yes there was Zombi U, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, LEGO City: Undercover and moat recently Pikmin 3. But despite these games, the Wii U games library still appears weak. Fortunately, in the next year or so, this is going to change…..
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images (1)If you’ve been reading World Nintendo News over the last couple of days, you will have noticed that we are starting a guide for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. However, to keep all pages on the website, we have to make some posts which we would have preferred to be pages. Unfortunately, we can’t do this, so if you see an article like this, just ignore it. Or read it if you like, but it won’t make much sense. Thanks


Nothing. Nothing. Nothing (4/8/12)

Nothing happened today. Literally nothing. Hopefully this means loads of stuff happens tomorrow. We’ll see later I suppose.

Animal Crossing New Leaf August Guide (3/8/13)


This is probably a bit late, considering it’s already three days into the month, but today’s post is basically just an August guide for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. There is some news which you can find at the bottom of the page, but the rest of the post is just the guide. Enjoy! Read more…

4 Games & 1 Release Date (2/8/13)


So today was one of those days in which a bunch of games were announced for Nintendo consoles. Not necessarily games which will get you overly excited, but games nether the less. This wasn’t to be unexpected though; this happens on the majority of Fridays from my experience. I suppose you might wonder what these four games are, but we’re going to begin today’s blog with the release date mentioned in the title. Read more…

‘Smartphone Games Decrease Brand Value’ – Nintendo (1/8/13)


So another month begins, which means new fish and bugs to catch in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I’ll post an article tomorrow with the details of what’s new this month in your town, but for now lets begin today’s news. Read more…

Q1 Financial Results – How Different 2 Consoles Can Be (31/7/13)


So today Nintendo released their financial results for Q1 of the financial year, which spans between April to June 2013. Before we start, I should state that overall, the results of the financial report and generally positive. However, the is a negative. Not a disaster, but certainly not what Nintendo were hopping for. Find out what this negative is below, if you haven’t already.

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Miiverse Update + Black 3DS XL (30/7/13)


Today started with some bad news for European 3DS owners. Flipnote Studio 3D, which was originally due for release on August 1st, has now been delayed. This was announced earlier today on Nintendo’s Twitter account. Nintendo claim that this delay was caused by the popularity of the game in Japan. They say that they want to release Flipnote Studio 3D in Europe when the games servers have calmed down, as if they released the game in Europe now they would crash instantly. Read the full article on this here, or continue with today’s news below. Read more…

10 Games That Will Save The Wii U (Part 2/2)


Part One

Welcome to part two of out 10 Games That Will Save The Wii U feature. To see part one, click the link above, or to continue the feature from Number 5, read on from below. Read more…