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Miiverse Update + Black 3DS XL (30/7/13)

July 30, 2013


Today started with some bad news for European 3DS owners. Flipnote Studio 3D, which was originally due for release on August 1st, has now been delayed. This was announced earlier today on Nintendo’s Twitter account. Nintendo claim that this delay was caused by the popularity of the game in Japan. They say that they want to release Flipnote Studio 3D in Europe when the games servers have calmed down, as if they released the game in Europe now they would crash instantly. Read the full article on this here, or continue with today’s news below.

First of all, Nintendo released an update for Miiverse, which made improvements which users have been requesting since the launch of Nintendo’s social network service late in November. You can see a list of these improvements below:

  • Users can now add the following tags to posts – Question, Accomplishment, Impressions, Retro and Players Wanted
  • Users can now make posts with up to 200 characters, which doubles the previous total of 100
  • Various changes to the Miiverse Code of Conduct

So now Miiverse users can post with more characters then Twitter users. Even if Twitter has 500,000,000 users, we can now boast about our superior character limit.

In other news, Nintendo announced that they will release a Black 3DS XL console in North America. This news comes after the black console was used in an American advert for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team despite the fact that this particular console wasn’t currently for sale in the country. This black console will be released on August 11th, the same day that the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team comes to the continent. The Black 3DS XL will launch with a retail price of $199.99.

Finally, the official website for the Wii U game Pikmin 3 was released by Nintendo today. If your still on the fence about buying Pikmin 3, have a look at the website to see if it sways you. Pikmin 3 is already out in Japan and Europe, and will be released in North America on August 4th.

That’s all for today. Just one last thing, if you haven’t read out 10 Games To Save The Wii U feature yet, make sure you do. You can view it via the links below. Till tomorrow.

10 Games That Will Save The Wii U – Part One/Part Two 


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