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Flipnote Studio 3D Delayed In Europe


Nintendo of Europe have announced on their official Twitter account that the free eShop download Flipnote Studio 3D has been delayed in Europe. The sequel to the DSi title Flipnote Studio was originally due to be released on August 1st, this Thursday, but unfortunately the game will now be released at a later date. Nintendo posted the following on their Twitter:
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Why Sonic Is Exclusive To Nintendo + Pikmin 3 Beats The Last of Us (29/7/13)


Today’s blog really has a load of news in, but it was the quickest I’ve written one since World Nintendo News changed to this format around a week ago. Funny. Really proves that things are much more efficient once you have a routine. Anyway, onto the news.  Read more…

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Tops Sales Charts (28/7/13)


So the boring Sunday bug has reoccurred once again this week in the world of Nintendo. Little interesting news was released so many websites didn’t bother posting any articles. However, this doesn’t happen at World Nintendo News. Just in case you didn’t see, look at part one of our ‘10 Games To Save The Wii U‘ article we posted earlier today. Anyway, onto the little news that happened today….
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10 Games That Will Save The Wii U (Part 1/2)


Part 2

It would be fair to say that the Wii U is currently struggling to gain the support Nintendo would have expected over 8 months after the consoles launch. Many people would be quick to claim this is simply happening because the console is a gimmick or because it doesn’t have the power of the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One. However, we at World Nintendo News know that this is simply not the case, as these are traits you could just as easily have associated with the Wii after its launch late into 2006. There is only one reason for the Wii U’s lackluster launch. Games. So far, Nintendo, alongside other publishers, have failed to release any games which make the console stand out. Nothing which pushes the console to its limits. Yes there was Zombi U, New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, LEGO City: Undercover and moat recently Pikmin 3. But despite these games, the Wii U games library still appears weak. Fortunately, in the next year or so, this is going to change…..
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Miiverse Competitions Are Genius (27/7/13)


For the first time today, Nintendo released a real Miiverse competition. The director for the DLC title New Super Luigi. U, the expansion pack for the Wii U launch game New Super Mario Bros. U, made a post on his Miiverse account about a competition for the game. Takemoto asked the games players to try to complete the story mode while collecting the fewest amount of coins possible. This was the first time an official competition was posted by Nintendo on their social platform.
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Superbad & Why Mega Man Legends 3 Was Cancelled (26/7/13)


Sorry today’s blog was once again late, but this time I have a genuinely good reason for it. ‘Superbad‘ was on Comedy Central UK. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it. Rent it on Netflix or LOVEFILM if you live in the UK. Only for 15+ mind, but still, make sure you watch it. Comedy gold. Read more…

Why WarioWare? + COD (25/7/13)

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I woke up this morning with the sudden urge to play WarioWare: Smooth Moves. I don’t know why I wanted to play WarioWare, maybe it was because I was so utterly disappointed with Game & Wario and I wanted to restore my faith in Wario games. Regardless, I put WarioWare in my Wii U, booted up Wii Mode and played Smooth Moves for the next 3 hours. Playing WarioWare made me realize two things. First of all, I really am addicted to Animal Crossing. In the 3 hours I spent playing the Wii title, over 1 of them was wasted just by playing the ‘Catch It’ Animal Crossing mini game. If anybody doesn’t know what this is, watch a video of it here. This isn’t even a particularly good mini-game when you compare it to other ones on WarioWare: Smooth Moves. It literally is just catching a fish. I just caught virtual fish for no reason for over an hour. It’s not even like there was a point to catching the fish like there is when you fish on actual Animal Crossing games. I just did.

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