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Miiverse Competitions Are Genius (27/7/13)

July 27, 2013


For the first time today, Nintendo released a real Miiverse competition. The director for the DLC title New Super Luigi. U, the expansion pack for the Wii U launch game New Super Mario Bros. U, made a post on his Miiverse account about a competition for the game. Takemoto asked the games players to try to complete the story mode while collecting the fewest amount of coins possible. This was the first time an official competition was posted by Nintendo on their social platform.

To enter this competition, go to the ‘Developers Room‘ section on the New Super Mario Bros. U community. Once you find Takemoto’s post, just go to the secret island on New Super Luigi. U and make a comment on the post with a screenshot of your game stats. Remember that you are aiming to collect the fewest amount of coins possible.

In my opinion, I think this is a fantastic idea. After 6 months, Nintendo is finally using Miiverse to encourage players to play games. This competition is simple, yet players are sure to find this fun and addictive. Most people who have brought the DLC will have finished the game by now, but thousands of people will be playing this again in an attempt to try and win this competition. They should give the winners of the competition eShop credit or a game download so even more people enter. It will improve game sales and extend the time people will play titles for, which means these competitions benefit everyone. Most importantly however, they will give more people a reason to use Miiverse.  Nintendo have to make these a regular occurrence, regardless of how popular this first competition is.

I mean, let’s face it, this isn’t a good idea to use as a competition. Once one player has collected 0 coins, the competition is over. While this isn’t easy by any means, one person will probably have already done this. This means the next two weeks of this competition are pointless, as nobody else can win. Next time, they should make the competition something people can aim to beat, like collecting the highest amount of coins.

In other news, Hideki Kamiya, a designer for the upcoming Wii U game The Wonderful 101, has posted on his Twitter account that the game will have its own Nintendo Direct next week. The Wonderful 101 will be released on August 23rd in Europe, August 24th in Australia and Japan, and half a month later on September 15th in North America.

That’s all for today then. I’ll be posting an feature tomorrow about the 10 Wii U games for you to look forward too. Till then.

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