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July 24, 2013


Confused about the menus in Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Then this is the page for you! Here you will find all the information you need to know about the menus you will come across while playing the game. These include the Main Menu, Character Menus, Maps, Your Pockets and many other important Menus. Read on to find out more.

Main Menu – The First Play

  • New Save File – Click here to begin your adventure through Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Since this is the first time you are playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the character you create after clicking here will be mayor. Make sure the person who begins the game first is the one you want to be the mayor, as there can only be one per town. Other people can create save files in the same town, but only as residents.


    First Play Main Meu

  • Move In – Transfer a resident from another town to become a mayor of their own, via Nintendo 3DS Local Play. The character from another town will be moved into a new town as mayor along with their inventory, house and catalog. However, you are only able to transfer a resident in another town to become mayor of the new town. If you are mayor of another town, you are not able to move into another town at any point.
  • Update Data – By selecting ‘Update Data’, you are able to download software updates for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Updates will include patches for glitches in the game. Nintendo have already released an update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so it’s advised to update your game before starting your town.

Main Menu – Post First Play

  • Continue – Select this to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf as an existing mayor or resident. After you select ‘Continue’, a sub-menu will be displayed containing the names of the existing players. Select one of these names to open the players Character Menu, or select back to return to the main menu.
  • New Save File – Select this to begin a save file in your existing town. As the town will already have a mayor, the new save file will be a resident. After selecting this 3 times, the option will disappear from the main menu. You can make it reappear by deleting a character in a Character Menu.
  • SpotPass – Pressing this will prompt the game to ask if you want to opt in or out of SpotPass data. Opting in to SpotPass Data will allow you to access exclusive items, letters and visit the Happy Homes Showcase.
  • Update Data – See ‘Main Menu – The First Play’ for information.

Character Menu


The Main Character Menu

After selecting a character name on the ‘Continue’ option in the ‘Main Menu’, you will be taken to a ‘Character Menu’. This menu will allow you to continue your Animal Crossing: New Leaf save file, or access a sub-menu with further options. When you first go onto the ‘Character Menu’, Isabelle will tell you the current date and time, before asking you, “Well then, shall we get started?”. This will bring up an option menu on the touch-screen.

  • Yes, let’s – Selecting this will start your Save File and bring you outside your house. If it is the first time you have continued you save file, Isabelle will say something to you before you can play. This also happens if there is a special event or shop opening happening in your town on the day you play.
  • I need help first… – Selecting this will open a sub-menu, which will allow you to either change the date or time, demolish your character or town, or move to another town if you are not the mayor. See more about these options below.

Sub-Character Menu

  • Set the date/time – Selecting this will allow you to change the date or time in your town. However, changing the date of time will seriously affect the gameplay in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. See our time travelling page for more information of time travelling and its affects.
  • Move to another town – This is not available to the mayor of a town. Selecting this option will allow a character to move to another town, either as a resident or mayor. To have a mayor or resident move into your own town, or for more information on what this option does, see the ‘Main Menu – The Fist Play’ and ‘Main Menu – Post First Play sections higher up on this page.
  • Demolish my home – Selecting this will delete your characters save file if your a resident. However, a mayor is not able to just delete their save file; if you delete your save file as mayor, your town will also be deleted. Also, once deleted, the save file can’t be restored, so it will be gone forever.


    Sub-Character Menu

  • Re-create the town – Selecting this will delete your town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. By deleting your town, you will erase every characters save file. Once deleted, the save files can’t be restored, so they will be gone forever. Only the town mayor can select this option.
  • Never mind… – This will take you back to the main Character Menu. See the ‘Character Menu’ section above for more information

Touch Screen Map

After you come off the train in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you will be given a map of your town. This map will be shown on the Touch Screen whenever you are outside. When you are at the Main Street or Island, the Touch Screen will display a different map.


Touch Screen Map

The Touch Screen map is vital for you after first arriving in your new town. It will display where you are with a red flashing icon, alongside showing where landmarks in you town are situated. The landmarks shown on your town map are Your House and Other Players Houses, Villager Houses, The Town Hall, The Plaza, Re-Tail and The Train Station. Once built, the Touch Screen map will also display the location of The Café and The Police Station. If a Public Work Project is being built, the location of the Collection Gyroid will be show by a Gryroid icon on the map. If you tap on one of the icons, it will begin flashing, and display the name of the tapped icon. This makes it easy to go to travel to various landmarks across your town.

Pocket Menu


Pocket Menu Screen Tab

At the top of the Touch Screen, you will see a row of Screen Tabs of various colours. If you press the green Screen Tab on the top left of the Touch Screen, you will open your Pocket Menu. You can also open this by pressing ‘X’. Your Pocket Menu is the most important menu, and the one you will use the most, so be sure to familiarize yourself with it. Your Pockets are controlled by either using you Stylus to select something on the Touch Screen, or by moving a cursor around and pressing ‘A’ to select something.

The main feature in you pocket are the spaces which allow you to carry up to 16 of any item around with you. Tapping one of these items will display a list of commands such as drop, bury, eat, release and many more. The list of commands will be appropriate for the item you selected. Make sure to keep only essential items such as tools inside your pockets so you are never unable to receive an item.

Pocket Menu

Pocket Menu

Another prominent feature in your Pocket Menu is the Bell Wallet, which is found at the top right of the Touch Screen. This allows you to carry around up to 99,000 Bells, which are the currency in Animal Crossing. If you surpass the 99,000 Bell limit your Wallet has, then your Bells will be put into a spare space in your Pocket. These spare Bells can be stored in your Bank Account via the ABD in the Post Office.

Also found in your Pocket Menu is the Letter Menu. You access this by tapping the Pink Letter Icon towards the top left of you Touch Screen. Your Letter Menu allows you to store up to 10 Letters, which are used to communicate with Villagers and receive gifts. If one of your letters has a present icon on it, that means that there is an item inside your letter. Tap on the letter to move the item into you Pockets. You are able to store one item in each letter, so use them to effectively expand you pocket capacity to 26.

The final feature in your pockets is the Mannequin. This is the person in the middle of your Pocket Menu. If you tap on your Mannequin, it will allow you to remove any Equipment, Headgear, Accessories or shoes you currently are using. If you have some item of clothing or an accessory in your Pockets, you can wear or equip it by dragging the item onto the Mannequin.

Design Menu


Design Menu

Design Menu Screen Tab

Design Menu Screen Tab

The second of the Screen Tabs at the top of the Touch Screen will open the Design Menu once selected. The Design Menu allows you to store 10 different Designs, which can be created by selecting one of the existing one of the designs currently in your Design Menu. You can also create a Pro Design by talking to ‘Mabel’ in the ‘Able Sister’s’ shop in the ‘Main Street’, which is preferable if you are designing clothes. Find out more about creating patterns here.

The designs in your Design Menu are can have many uses. You can wear a design as a Shirt, Hat or Umbrella, display your pattern on the ground outside, put it on a piece of furniture or use it as your Town Flag. You can share your designs by using the ‘QR Code Machine’ , which is found in ‘Able Sister’s’ shop. However this has to be unlocked by talking to Sable for a certain amount of days in a row. Find out more about the QR Code Machine here.

The Design Menu can also be used to store a ‘Mii Mask’, which is a mask of one of the ‘Mii Characters’ you have saved on your 3DS Consoles ‘Mii Channel’. The Mii Mask can be obtained by asking for a ‘Makeover’ in the store ‘Shampoodle’. However, you have to unlock Shampoodle; find out how to do this by clicking here.

Encyclopedia Menu


Encyclopedia Menu Screen Tab

The third of the Screen Tabs found on the Touch Screen is the Encyclopedia Menu, which is used to keep track of the Bugs, Fish and Deep-Sea Creatures which you have caught. Once a creature is caught for the first time, it will be shown in you Encyclopedia. You can use your Encyclopedia to find out when and where to catch the selected creature. If you want a more detailed guide on how to catch a certain animal, click here.

Town Pass Card Menu


Town Pass Card Menu Screen Tab

The forth Screen Tab found on your Touch Screen will, once selected, bring you to your Town Pass Card Menu. The Town Pass Card Menu, or TPC, displays information about the cards owner. This information includes the Players Name, Dream Code Address, Photo Identity and a Catchphrase which you select. You can also see the badges which the player who owns the card has collected. To find out more about badges, click here.

Best Friend Menu


Best Friend Menu Screen Tab

The final Screen Tab displayed on your touch screen is for the ‘Best Friend Menu’, which shows a list of people who have been registered as a ‘Best Friend’ on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. To register somebody as a Best Friend, you have be playing with a player over Nintendo WiFi. Then select the player who you want to register as a Best Friends name and click on the heart icon that will be shown on the Touch Screen. Once both players have registered each other as Best Friends, you will be able to visit their town even if their gate is unopened, so long as they’re playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The Best Friend Menu Screen Tab will only be displayed after you have registered a Best Friend.

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