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Site Information – Time For Change

July 21, 2013


So, where has World Nintendo News been? No news for a couple of months; just the usual break really. But I swear, this time, the website’s staying.

But you may think, you’ve said this every month, and ended up posting a couple of pieces of news and then stopping. Nope. Not this time. Instead of posting news when it comes out, we will be posting a blog at the end of each day.

To be honest, this is almost entirely down to laziness, but it should also help to improve the quality of the articles produced. Instead of rushed peices of news, you’ll get detailed information at the end of each day (although this depends on where you live, obviously). They can have opinions and should make the website more social, which is better for everyone.

We will still be posting important news, reviews for old and new games, previews, features and guides. Just not as much of the news.

More posts later.

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