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New Game & Wario Details Released – Every Mini-Game Announced

March 30, 2013


Nintendo of Japan have released new details for the Wii U title Game & Wario, which is out now in Japan, and comes to the west in Q2 2013. The new information was released in a Iwata Asks interview with the games developers. This Iwata Asks is in Japan, but was translated by ‘NeoGaf’ member ‘StreetsAhead‘, so all credit for this article goes to him or her. You can see all the information below:

• Sakamoto is the advisor for Game & Wario
• The game was first thought of when Abe was asked to make a game to be pre-installed on the Wii U, just like Face Raiders for the 3DS. Abe then created various ideas which were put into Game & Wario
• The game wasn’t originally going to be a Wario game
• The Game & Wario mini-game which was at first going to be a pre-installed title was Pirate, but they felt it had too much content to be a pre-installed title.
• Most of their original content was scrapped in Summer 2011 when the game became a Wario title
• You collect some sort of currency to earn cards from a ‘Gatch’ machine. There are 240 of these items
• You can play two types of games on Game & Wario. These are Mini-Games or Micro-Games
• Mini-Games are the 16 titles in the game
• Micro-Games are found inside Mini-Games, and are the type of game found inside WarioWare games
• ‘Gatch’ cards include either tips for the mini-games or micro-games
• The title uses only the GamePad because they couldn’t guarantee everyone had Wii Remotes when it was a pre-installed game
• Each mini-game has it’s own title menu, which are each designed in the style of an NES Games cover art. Each menu has level select screens.
• Each Mini-Game was made by a different director
• Sakamoto suggests Gamer and Ski are the best Mini-Games
• They didn’t use WarioWare in the title to differentiate the title from other Wario games
• There is a Micro-Game called MiiVerse Sketch in which you get 1 minute to draw a image from a list of 4 words. When the minuite is up the image is uploaded to MiiVerse
• Something special happens when you collect all 240 Gatcha cards

They have also revealed the names of the 16 mini-games which are included in the title. These are as follows:

• Arrow
• Ashley
• Bird
• Bowling
• Design
• Disco
• Fruit
• Gamer
• Island
• Kung-Fu
• Patchwork
• Pirates
• Shutter
• Sketch
• Ski
• Taxi

**All Credit Goes To NeoGaf Member StreetsAhead**

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