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2 New European Nintendo Selects Released

March 24, 2013

Nintendo of Europe have released 2 new titles to the ever expanding Nintendo Selects range, which is becoming increasingly popular with retailers and buyers alike. The two new titles, Mario Party 8 and Wii Sports Resort, bring the number of games in the Nintendo Selects range up to 17 in Europe, with North America having only 10 titles.

wii_sports_resort_nintendo_selects_boxart_europe-211x300The two new Nintendo Select games are Mario Party 8 and Wii Sport Resort, which where released in Europe on the 22nd of March, alongside the Wii Mini in the UK. These two games become the 16th and 17th installments in the Wii version of Nintendo Selects, with the GameCube, N64, SNES, GameBoy and GameBoy Advance all having similar installments. The Nintendo Selects range discounts games by around £10/$10 making the cost about £19.99/$19.99. Many retailers in the UK only stock the Nintendo Selects version of the titles, so you’ll will be lucky to find one of the original games in your local stores.

What do you think of the Nintendo Selects series? Tell us below of reply to our post on Twitter @world_nintendo. We’ll reply to every post!

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