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Nintendo Lose Court Battle To Former Sony Employee Over 3D Technology

March 14, 2013


Nintendo are to pay the former Sony Employee Seijiro Tomita (who sued Nintendo way back in 2011) $30.2 Million (£20.1 Million) over the glasses free technology used in the Nintendo 3DS.  Seijiro Tomita, who has now parted company with Sony after 30 years working for the Japanese company, meet with Nintendo in 2003 to discuss this technology, which Nintendo eventually used in the 3DS which was released in 2011. Seijiro Tomita took Nintendo to the US federal jury, who found Nintendo guilty of using his technology.

It seems odd that Seijiro Tomita would sue Nintendo in the US rather then Japan, especially over something which isn’t exactly uncommon. Many other devices have also used the glasses free 3D since the launch of the 3DS, so they aren’t alone. I would think it’s likely that Nintendo will appeal this verdict. Hopefully the 3DS and the consoles production won’t be affected by this court case.

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