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Pokémon News Coming On January 8th – What Could It Be?

January 3, 2013

The Pokémon Company has announced that some BIG Pokémon news will be announced on January 8th. The company said the following along with the date of January 8th in Japan:

‘Pokémon will evolve in 2013’

We’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out what the news is, but until then we can speculate. So I will.

Could it be another DS game?

Probably not. Pokémon Black/White 2 should be the last Pokémon game on DS. The latest Mystery Dungeon game was on the 3DS, and the main series should follow. It would still be a popular game however, so you can’t rule it out.

Odds of happening – 3/10

Could it be DLC for Black/White 2?
Yes. The Pokémon Company has done similar announcements for DLC before, by announcing free characters and such for DS Pokémon games. However, the odds of it happening this time aren’t so big. The line, ‘Pokémon will evolve in 2013’ suggests a big change in the series. Hopefully it won’t be as disappointing as a free Pokémon.

Odds of happening – 6/10

Could it be an iOS game?

Unlikely. The Pokémon Company has been faithful to Nintendo for the past decade or so, and I hope that trend continues. However, this trend could change. The Pokémon Company recently released a Pokédex App on the Apple App Store, allowing you to purchase different regions Pokédex for £5.99. Nintendo’s stock price rose straight after this apps’ release. It would be profitable for the Pokémon Company (and certainly would be evolution), but I can’t see it happening in 2013.

Odds of happening – 2/10

Could it be a Wii U game?

Possibly. The Wii U is a perfect fit for Pokémon. Just like the DS was, and the 3DS is. It would use the GamePad as a Pokédex, and the TV as the main game. Off screen TV play would be easy as well. But it would have been possible on the Wii, and they didn’t do it. It would pick up Wii U sales, certainly in Japan, but a 3DS release is more likely.

Odds of happening – 5/10

Could it be a 3DS game?
Yes. It would be no surprise if the next Pokémon game was released on the 3DS. After all, there has been a main series Pokémon game on every Nintendo handheld since the original GameBoy. It was a surprise when the Pokémon Black/White 2 was released on the DS, so you can expect the next game on the 3DS. If the announcement is about a game, it is likely for the 3DS.

Odds of happening – 8/10

So we think it’s going to be a 3DS game, but what do you think? Comment below.


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