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40,000 Wii U’s Sold In UK

December 3, 2012

Nintendo has sold 40,00 Wii U’s in the consoles first week in the UK. This is the equivalent to just 10% of the consoles which sold in the USA. However, this is all of the stock shipped the UK before the Wii U’s launch on November 30th. However, more consoles will come to the UK before the beginning of 2013.

It was also revealed that 90% of Wii U’s sold in the UK where Premium Bundles. This means that in 1 week, just 4,000 White Wii U’s have sold.

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  1. davidc permalink

    probably because the advertising has been awful. many of my friends thought it was just a touchpad add on for the wii…..and some (how have consoles already) had never heard of it…poor..

    • I think Nintendo UK’s advertising is always very vague. If you think back to the original 3DS advertisements, it just showed people playing what looked like a DS to most people. They don’t state that it’s a new console. There are still people that think the 3DS is just a new DS (eg. DSi). If you look at reviews for the new 3DS Layton game on Amazon, there are people outraged the game doesn’t work on their DS’s.

      The next adverts Nintendo make for the Wii U should show someone starting up the console, then sitting down and using the GamePad. Even with this though, there would still be people who think it’s a Wii.

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