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(Old) Nintendo TVii Coming To Europe & Japan

November 30, 2012

Nintendo have announced that Nintendo TVii will come to Europe in 2013 and Japan at Wii U launch. However, Nintendo TVii will only come to selected regions of Europe.

While this won’t effect anyone who lives in big countries (UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France), if you live in a country such as Montenegro, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. You can also expect TVii to come to Scandinavia and the big fives bordering countries (Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, San Marino eg.).

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  1. Luxembourg is not a bordering country…. still i need to know if we get streaming, since there is no streaming provider here.

    • I imagine that while Nintendo may not directly make Luxembourg a TVii country, as it is surrounded by France and Germany, I imagine you would be able to trick your Wii U into thinking your from these countries. I’m not 100% sure, but I’ve heard of similar things. People from Mexico have been able to access the US eShop as they say they live in America.

      • people forget that we are part of BENELUX and that they should give us the same. the best part is that thd big streaming companys are mostly here and have lower taxes. but do not any effort to give us the same service. it makes us angry. if lovefilm wich is on my wii u would start giving luxembourg service they would have 500000 potential clients. i will write them an email today an reference your post there.

      • Just out of interest, can you view Lovefilm on your Wii?

      • The app is there I’ve got the update, but it says that it is not available in my country…

      • I can genuinely see why you feel aggravated about this. I could understand why Nintendo & other services wouldn’t put service in countries were people don’t buy their consoles. However, I imagine it wouldn’t cost much extra to put, for instance, Nintendo TVii in places like Luxembourg. For all I know, these services don’t go the Scandinavia and around Ukraine/Poland. This is a huge base of people, and in all honesty, it explains poor console sales in Europe.

        As for things like Netflix and Lovefilm, I find it even more strange they don’t support every country in Europe. As you can stream on the Internet, they lose hundreds of thousands of customers by not streaming in all countries.

      • In Luxembourg there where chains of stores wich only got 15 consoles for over 100 reservations and over 50 stores… I had big chance to get a console before 2013 they just want to screw us and dont care. I would apprecieate to talk to you about that my skype is Malorgrog

  2. I understand if they do not give Service to foreign countrys but Lovefilm is part of Amazon Sarl in LUXEMBOURG and we do npot get any Service, also the same with Apple and iTunes

    • Here in the UK, there is actually a distinct lack of interest in the Wii U. In fact, the premium bundle is only around 80th in the Amazon charts, while the normal bundle fails to make it into the top 100. It’s being outsold by various Xbox 360 and PS3 models, even a few Wii and 3DS consoles. Nobody wants them. The fact that, judging by what you said, only 15% of people who want Wii U’s got one is ridiculous.

      As for not getting Lovefilm even though Amazon is based in Luxembourg is sick. There is things about how Amazon, Google etc. use places like Luxembourg to avoid tax all over the news in the UK. It isn’t fair to the country. It would cost near to nothing for them to role out Lovefilm in Luxembourg. If you did contact them, I’d be eager to hear about any response.

      Finally, as for Skype, I don’t have a Skype account, or a webcam for that matter. So I can’t really contact you on Skype!

      • Actually they do not avoid taxes they just pay them here we are the only country wich reject to make our VAT at 19% (EU regulated standart) and stay at 15% and without those we would not have work nor would we be interesting for the world.

      • I think the tax thing is a completely different issue actually, nothing to do with this. As for your Facebook page, I’ll post links to it on Twitter and post an article about it in the next 24 hours to raise some awareness.

  3. I now got that mad that i created a Facbook Site and try to mobilize People

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