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Zombi U Gets Reviewed

November 17, 2012

Zombi U has received 2 reviews in the past day, which where both mainly positive. The Official Nintendo Magazine gave Zombi U a score of 92%, which merited a gold award in their new review system. Zombi U got the highest score of any game ONM reviewed (NSMBU, Nintendo Land, FIFA 13 and Tekken).

The other review for Zombi U was from EDGE Magazine, which gave it a modest score of 7/10. This was the same as Nintendo Land, but slightly less the NSMBU, which scored 8/10.


Since the original post, Zombi U has received a handful of reviews. However, these have been far less positive. IGN gave Zombi U a score of 6.3/10, claiming the game is fun, but has many negatives. IGN claim that it has clunky controls, poor graphics and repetitive gameplay.

GameSpot also reviewed Zombi U, giving it a score of 4.5. They did however say, “Some people will love it but more will hate it”.

So it looks like Zombi U isn’t living up to it hype, but do you still want the game? Comment below:


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