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News Summary – 28/10/12 – 3/11/12

November 4, 2012

As anybody who follows World Nintendo News will know, we have had a recent site closure. This was down to me not having access to any Internet connection, and as I’m the only member of the website, I could post no news. If you want to join our team, send an email to the following address:

We start with the 28th of October:

28th October 2012

• Miiverse Nintendo Direct Coming before Wii U Launch

• Paper Mario: Sticker Star will require 4,199 Blocks if downloaded from the eShop

• Style Savvy: Trendsetters will require 10,500 Blocks if downloaded from the eShop

29th October 2012

• Animal Crossing: New Leaf won’t charge for DLC. Iwata said the following on this matter:

“That sort of element [paid DLC] is absolutely not being added,” before stating that such monetisation would have an impact on gameplay, even going as far as to call it calling it “unwholesome.”

• The Wii U is the same size as the Wii

• The Zombie U Premium Pack Bundle Box Art was released:

• Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask came 7th in the UK charts

• Wii U TVii could come to Japan and Europe

• A new Paper Mario: Sticker Star Trailer was released

• Nintendo Direct Presentations get 1,000,000 views every day

30th October 2012

• Iwata claimed Nintendo innovate with Pokémon and Mario in the following statement:

“…I wish business in the entertainment industry were so easy and lucrative that we could make a brand-new title as big of a blockbuster as Mario and Pokémon just by keeping the package of the game next to the packages of Mario or Pokémon games on the shelves in retail stores. We have to take one step at a time for a completely new big hit, but it is true that our products might be stereotyped if we don’t add to our lineup.”

• Pikmin 3 coming out in 2013 so the Wii U sells more consoles

• Nintendo Announced the different feature in New Super Mario Bros. U:

• Challenge Mode: Challenge Mode tasks players with completing specific objectives, such as clearing a course without obtaining a single coin or touching the ground. There are four single-player Challenge categories: Time Attack, Coin Collection, 1-Up Rally and Special (miscellaneous challenges). Boost Mode Challenges require two players. Once players complete a Challenge, the game saves a replay of the action so players can show off their accomplishments.

• Coin Battle: Up to four players run through a course and compete to see who can collect the most coins. Another player can also use the Wii U GamePad in Boost Mode to place Boost Blocks to help grab hard-to-reach coins. Players can also use the GamePad to edit and customise the coin layout in dedicated courses. The coin layout can then be saved and played by the players using Wii Remote controllers.

• World Map: New Super Mario Bros. U is the first side-scrolling Mario game since 1992’s Super Mario World that features a seamless world map with named worlds and courses. The map contains many secret exits, which might change the map and cause shortcuts to appear. The worlds are interconnected, so people can play through the game in a nonlinear fashion.

• Nabbit: From time to time, a creature named Nabbit will appear on the world map. Players must enter the course and catch the speedy Nabbit to recover items stolen from Toad. If Nabbit is nabbed, players receive a powerful P-Acorn, which will allow them to fly continuously through an entire stage. The only way to obtain a P-Acorn is to catch Nabbit.

• If you buy a Wii U Premium Bundle you get 10% back on every eShop Purchase. This can be spent on the 3DS and Wii U

• Mutant Mudds 2 will be a 2D Platformer

31st October 2012

• SiNG Party will come to North America in January 2013

• Assassins Creed III Wii U will get all DLC from PS3/Xbox 360 versions of the game

• Animal Crossing: New Leaf scores 39/40 in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu

1st November 2012

• Pink and White 3DS XL’s will come to North America

• The first North America Wii U Commercial was shown

• The Wii U Internet is the best console Internet ever. It is better then Internet Explorer, but just worse then Google Chrome

2nd November 2012

• 3 new 3DS XL models will come to China this December

• 3DS is selling at the same rate as the DS, but slightly worse then the GameBoy Advance

• New Super Mario Bros. U will run at 720p

3rd November 2012

• New Super Mario Bros. U got it’s first commercial

• Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion 3DS has 20 endings

From now on, all news will be new!

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