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Nintendo Finance – 3DS Sales Poor – Announce Operating Loss – Predict Wii U Sales

October 24, 2012

Nintendo have announced various pieces of financial news today, including 3DS sales and Wii U expected sales. These have been rounded up in what will be a (fairly) regular feature. We begin with the bad news unfortunately…

3DS Having Poor Sales

Nintendo have confirmed that outside of Japan, the 3DS sales are lower then expected. This isn’t a huge shock to us,
as there hasn’t been a huge amount of good games come out recently. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is one of the few 3DS in the past 6 months to have come into the UK top 10.

Nintendo Announce Operating Loss

As a result of the above 3DS news, Nintendo have announced a loss of ¥27,996,000, which is still just over ¥42,000,000 less then their loss last year. So in summary, Nintendo is working at a loss, but the loss is narrowing.

Nintendo Slashes Forecast By 70%

Nintendo had slashed it’s profit forecast for 2012 by 70%. This is a result of the 3DS new above and the loss they’ve already made.

Wii U Sales Target Put At 5.5 Million

Nintendo has put the Wii U Sales Target at 5.5 Million by March. This is a worldwide figure for the console.


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