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New Animal Crossing: Jump Out Screenshots + Information

October 20, 2012

A fresh batch of Animal Crossing: Jump Out information has been released, alongside a new load of screenshots. We begin with the new info:


– Hold original exhibitions at the museum. Build a second floor in the museum through community work to open the museum shop and original exhibition room.

– Palotini will reward your hard work with a badge. Badges include ones for catching a lot of fish, gathering a bunch of stuff from the ocean, pulling lots of weeds, etc. Badges are displayed on your profile, so anyone you streetpass with will see your badges.

– Can work part-time at the cafe if you’re a regular customer or order coffee for take out. Working part time will reward you with unique furniture.

– Fortune Teller hut opens through community work. Follow your fortune and keep a lucky item with you and something good might happen.

– ID card box: Passcard given to you once you’re registered as a citizen. The photo used on the card is taken in the ID card box.

– Can now look up at the sky. Can see things such as a rainbow after it rains, aurora on cold nights, cumulonimbus clouds in the summer, shooting stars, balloons with presents, etc.

– Fruit produced in your village can now have special flavors or appearances to them.

– Animals from other villages will come to visit in the camp grounds. You can play games with them such as gesture games or rock, paper, scissors.

– Play hide and seek with the villagers you’re good friends with. Can get items if you manage to find them all.

– Become good friends with one of the villagers and they might send you a special letter with a photo attached that you can place in your house.













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