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Animal Crossing: Jump Out – Twitter Update #3

October 10, 2012

9/10/12 – 09:17 – Mr. Rage gardening store, I ordered a symbol tree seedlings to plant in the village square today! If Mr. Tsu Rage, okay … I wonder if I’ve become so Chai Te doze off to sleep while listening to the order?!

10/10/12 – 02:47 – Good morning! This morning, taking a walk on the beach, I saw a person with a dive in the sea oxygen! Come take the oyster was delicious and very good to dive! ♪ Marin was also very well matched suit that was bought on the island

10/10/12 – 10:01 – I bought her in preparation for Halloween candy! Vigorously entered the shop, “says beans! ~ I make candy chan” I had been saying! “You’re also grain me …”. I’m a twin myself, it is hard to distinguish between those two … unlike us.


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