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Animal Crossing: Jump Out Has An Official Twitter Account #1

October 5, 2012

Nintendo of Japan have released an official Twitter account for Animal Crossing: Jump Out. This is on the same day that Nintendo made a official website and released a Nintendo Direct for the game. We will run articles which translate all of the accounts tweets regularly. For now you can use the information below to follow the account and read it’s first few tweets in English.

(All times are BST. All translations are literal, therefore not 100% accurate)

• Account Name: @doubutsuno_mori

• Bio: It is the official account dedicated software for the Nintendo 3DS “Animal Crossing Tobidase”. I will continue to disseminate information and the contents of the games and the latest, a tweet of “lower branch” of the village office staff. Please pardon because we do not answer the questions and inquiries.

5/10/12 – 12:47PM – Hmm considered, Nice to meet you! My name is Shizue! Happy to introduce these things and things like that from today, “Animal Crossing Tobidase”! To everyone who is thinking of moving to our village, so I’ll try to be communicated the joy of living in the village a lot, thank you !!

5/10/12 – 12:57PM – Now, I’m not there in our village mayor Mr. me, I’ll be the new mayor soon you come to san! I can not wait to see Mr new mayor! Previous mayor, Mr. Kotobuki is now living in quiet and comfortable retirement free from worldly cares Come while the tour guide on the island in the south by the way. ~ I want to go on vacation too!

5/10/12 – Opened the official website [News] “Animal Crossing Tobidase”

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