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(Europe) 3DS Nintendo Direct Summary

October 4, 2012

Nintendo held a European Nintendo Direct on Thursday 4th October. Here you can find a summary of what happened in this Nintendo Direct:

• Paper Mario: Sticker Star will get a December 7th release in Europe
• Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is out in Q1 2013 in Europe
• Fire Emblem 3D out in Q2 2013 in Europe
• Pokémon Black & White 2 out on October 12th
• Pokémon Dream Catcher out on October 12th
• Pokédex 3D Pro out on October 8th
• The Pikachu 3DS XL which is out in Japan now will come to Europe
• New Art Academy 3DS will download new free lessons of SpotPass
• New Style Boutique will come to Europe on November 16th
• A Pullbox sequel Fallbox will be released in November on the EShop
• Pullbox, Colours 3D and some other games will get a discount till Fallbox’s release
• Hana Samurai will be released on the EShop come October 11th
• Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask coming out on October 26th
• 3 new SAUDA 51 EShop games were confirmed. These are Liberation Maiden, Crimson Shroud and Aero Porter
• Liberation Maiden is out on the EShop now
• Devil Survivor: Overclocked is coming out this year in Europe
• Virtue’s Last Reward Is coming to Europe in November
• Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate is out in March 2013. The game will feature Wii U support
• A new White 3DS XL bundle has been announced. The console come with Mario Kart 7


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