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(Live Text) Nintendo Direct Europe – 3DS – Thursday 4th October

October 3, 2012

On this page, you can find live text updates from the 3DS specific Nintendo Direct for Europe, held on Thursday 4th October. You can watch the Nintendo Direct here. The Nintendo Direct will air at the following times:

• 7PM BST (UK)

Live Text:

– 7:42 PM – It’s over (and disappointing) and you can find a summary below in 20 minutes. Thanks for watching with World Nintendo News

– 7:40 PM – White 3DS XL Bundle Confirmed. Comes with Mario Kart 7

– 7:38 PM – Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate out March 2013. Features Wii U cross-play

– 7:34 PM – The sequel to 999 ‘Virtue’s Last Reward comes to Europe in November

– 7:32 PM – Devil Survivor: Overclocked out this year in Europe

– 7:31 PM – You can get Liberation Maiden on the Europe EShop now

– 7:28 PM – Liberation Maiden, Crimson Shroud and Aero Porter coming to Europe in the next 3 months

– 7:27 PM – The new Professor Layton is coming out on October 26th. On the 3DS

– 7:23 PM – Hana Samurai is coming to EShop on October 11th, now onto the game EShop game Fluidity

– 7:22 PM – A PullBox sequel FallBox will come out in November. PullBox and Colours 3D will go on sale until FallBox is released

– 7:20 PM – It’s back and we didn’t miss much. Art Academy will come with SpotPass features and New Style Boutique comes out on November 16th

– 7:11 PM – Ummmmm…… The UStream is broken

– 7:10 PM – Pokemon Black/White out October 12th with Pokemon Dream Catcher. Pokedex 3D Pro out on October 8th. Pikachu 3DS XL out in Japan will come to Europe

– 7:05 PM – Luigi Mansion 2 out in Q1 2013. Fire Emblem is out in Q2 2012

– 7:02 PM – Paper Mario Sticker Star is up and will be released on DECEMBER 7TH

– 7:00 PM – We should be starting now

– 6:48 PM – There are now only 12 minutes till the Nintendo Direct starts. If you plan on staying here to see it, you’ve come to the correct place 😉

– 7:10 AM – In 12 hours the Nintendo Direct for Europe will begin. Be sure to come here to watch it!

– (Wednesday) 10:44 PM – Europe will hold a Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow and this is the best place to be for it. Stay here for live text updates so when there is a game you want to know more about, we can tell you. You can watch the live stream here from 7PM (UK) to have the video along with our handy guide.


Summary of Info:

• Paper Mario: Sticker Star will get a December 7th release in Europe
• Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is out in Q1 2013 in Europe
• Fire Emblem 3D out in Q2 2013 in Europe
• Pokémon Black & White 2 out on October 12th
• Pokémon Dream Catcher out on October 12th
• Pokédex 3D Pro out on October 8th
• The Pikachu 3DS XL which is out in Japan now will come to Europe
• New Art Academy 3DS will download new free lessons of SpotPass
• New Style Boutique will come to Europe on November 16th
• A Pullbox sequel Fallbox will be released in November on the EShop
• Pullbox, Colours 3D and some other games will get a discount till Fallbox’s release
• Hana Samurai will be released on the EShop come October 11th
• Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask coming out on October 26th
• 3 new SAUDA 51 EShop games were confirmed. These are Liberation Maiden, Crimson Shroud and Aero Porter
• Liberation Maiden is out on the EShop now
• Devil Survivor: Overclocked is coming out this year in Europe
• Virtue’s Last Reward Is coming to Europe in November
• Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate is out in March 2013. The game will feature Wii U support
• A new White 3DS XL bundle has been announced. The console come with Mario Kart 7


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