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New Paper Mario: Sticker Star Info

October 1, 2012

New Paper Mario: Sticker Star information has been released in the latest issue of Nintendo Power. The North American magazine, which will stop publishing in November, had an in depth feature on the 3DS game. You can read what new features Nintendo Power spotted below:

• World looks like it’s composed of paper and cardboard
• Arts-and-craft project feel is emphasized
• Bridge is folded up like an accordion and sealed with a sticker
• Peeling the sticker away causes the paper to realistically bounce upward before settling down
• Paper characters can be flown around, folded, and crumpled
• All of these can be used against you during battle
• Enemies may roll themselves up into a cone to prevent you from jumping over them
• Other enemies fold themselves like a card to double the enemies
• First world boss: Goomba that combines with a troupe of his minions to form a giant Goomba with Megasparkle strength
• Koopa Troopas fold up into their shells like origami
• Has humor like previous Paper Marios
• Paper nature of the characters/environments is used for gags
• Nintendo Power says the dialogue is consistently clever


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