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More Then 5 Reasons The Sun was Wrong About The Wii U

September 17, 2012

We posted an article earlier today which told you about The Sun’s 5 Reasons Not To Buy A Wii U. Naturally, we didn’t agree with this post, so we have made an article pointing out the flaws in The Sun’s post. Read on:


At the beginning, The Sun claim “No blockbuster launch date releases” are coming to the Wii U. Is New Super Mario Bros. U a blockbuster game? How about FIFA 13 or Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? In the UK, FIFA 13 and Black Ops 2 are arguably the biggest games that will come out in 2012, as long as you’re an Xbox or PS3 fan. EA Sports have themselves said they think FIFA 13 is at its best on the Wii U. Black Ops 2 may be also. When you also take in to account that Zombie U and Nintendo Land are both Wii U launch titles, you can see this is an ridiculous comment.

In the intro, Lee Price also says the following, “PlayStation Vita will soon be able to operate as a PS3 controller – taking the GamePad out of the market.” The Vita isn’t a rival to the Wii U GamePad. It’s a feature that is likely to be rarely used by developers, just like PlayStation Move. The Touchscreen in my opinion is also not big enough to be used as a “GamePad”. It seems like another example of Sony copying Nintendo.

1. It Will Be Out-Dated Within a Year

“It’s likely that the Wii U will be old news within six months of release.” This is, according to Lee Price, because of both the PS4 and Xbox 720. If you go by this logic, the Wii wouldn’t be more successful then both the PS3 and 360. The Wii bettered both these consoles sales wise. There isn’t any reason this won’t happen again. The Wii U won’t have better graphics then the PS4 or Xbox 720, but you can be sure Sony and Microsoft won’t produce better games then Nintendo. Also, by the looks of things, Nintendo could be getting blockbuster games that missed the Wii. Assassins Creed III, for example, and the previously mentioned FIFA and Call of Duty, all will be getting games identical to the PS3 and Xbox versions. They could even be better.

2. Vita Masquerading as the GamePad

“If you’ve got a PS3 then, frankly, you’re better off buying a Vita than a Wii U. Title-wise, gaming-wise and quality-wise, it’s a one-sided match-up.” First of all, the Vita isn’t better then the Wii U title wise. While I personally hate to judge games by a MetaCritic score, I will for this. The 2 highest scoring games on the Vita so far both have a score of 88. Most the games with a good rating aren’t exclusive. I’ll happily admit I wanted Little King’s Story on the Wii U, but would I pick that over Pikmin 3? Probably not. There aren’t many other games I can think you can’t get anywhere else I want. The Vita is also only £30 more then the basic Wii U, and is already shaping up to have a better range of games then the Vita.

3. The Threat To All Consoles – Mobile Gaming

“£239 on a console? That’s a lifetime’s supply of iPhone apps.” £239 is half the price of the iPhone 5, the device Lee Price calls the threat to Nintendo. Also, £239 on a console? Even the next iPod Touch costs £249 for the cheapest model. £10 more then the Wii U, and this is the device I imagine most casual gamers would use. As for the lifetime of apps, there are few on both the IOS and Android app stores which would merit a £30 purchase. You may well see Nintendo bring cheaper games to the EShop, something we would all like to see.

4. DS + Wii = Fail

The Wii U isn’t a mixture of the Wii and DS. You could see the link, but it’s nothing like it in reality. While some games use the GamePad as a second screen, things like New Super Mario Bros. U can use it as the main screen. The GamePad is a Home Console, not a portable, so it can’t be seen as a DS.

5. It’s Dramatically Over-Priced

“Over £200 for just the console, with games likely to cost around £40 a time on top.” For starters, the Wii U is around £200 less then the PS3 was for launch and around the same price as the Xbox. With £40 for a game, this is the same type as the typical PS3 and Xbox game. You can expect the price of Microsoft and Sony’s next consoles games to be the same, of not more. On top of this, Nintendo’s rivals next consoles are likely to cost more then the Wii U. So the Wii U isn’t overpriced, not at all.

So that’s the rant over. Comment what you think of this below.

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One Comment
  1. Sam permalink

    Lee Price isn’t a game critic. His job is to slag off nintendo and praise sony. He doesn’t give an unbiased informed opinion. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s never actually played a Wii U. He doesn’t have to as he already knows he’s going to slag it off. His articles are just there to promote sony.

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