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New Nintendo Land Details Released

September 8, 2012

New Details have been released for Nintendo Land for Wii U, including 2 new Nintendo Land games being announced. The 2 new games, Metroid Blast and Balloon Fight Breeze, are based on the Metroid and Balloon Fight series.

Metroid Blast (Similar to Battle Mii) is a new mini-game which features multiple maps and modes. The modes for Metroid Blast are Free-for-all, Team and Horde. The game can have up to 5 players at once, with 1 playing as Samus in her battle ship with the Wii U GamePad, and the other 4 play as play as characters who have to shoot down the ship using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. The game will require Wii Motion Plus.

Balloon Fight Breeze is a side scrolling platformer, which uses the GamePad to control the player via the touchscreen. You have to guide the character, avoiding obstacles by making gusts of wind with the stylus.

Other new details announced are that you ride between attractions on a train, you earn coins by playing and winning games and you can spend the coins in a store on Nintendo Memorabilia.

Finally, there are rumours that Nintendo Land won’t be bundled in with the Wii U. The game is suspected to be a sort of Wii Sport game, but an Australia retailer called JB Hi-fi, which is usually correct about pre-orders, is selling Nintendo Land as a sole game. We will find out if it’s bundled in or not on September 13th, when Nintendo are expected to announce the Wii U price and release date at a New York press conference.


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