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North American Nintendo Download (September 6th 2012)

September 7, 2012

This weeks Nintendo Download for North America has games for all 3 consoles. There are 2 3DS Download Software games along with 1 DSiWare game and 1 Wii Virtual Console game. As always, we begin with the 3DS:

3DS Download Software:

Monkey Balloon Popping Remix – $7.99

Monkey Balloon popping game Balloon Popping Remix is a flash game im sure many of you have already played. The game involves a monkey who shoots darts at balloon. If you shoot a certain percentage of the balloons with a set amount of darts, you pass the level. While an addictive game, it’s hard to recommend it while there are cheaper WiiWare and DSiWare versions of the game, or even better, the free (and including more levels) PC version. Watch a trailer here to see if you want to pay out the $7.99 for the game.

Heyawake by Nikoli – $7.99

Heyawake by Nikoli (I think we’ll call it Heyawake) is a puzzle game which involves filling boxes and completing different rooms by doing so. The game has 50 levels and a generator which creates new levels beyond the original 50. To see if you want to pay $7.99 for Heyawake, watch a trailer here. Note the the video is not of the 3DS game, but instead of a Heyawake puzzle itself. A Heyawake is a type of puzzle, in the same fashion which a Soduku is a type of puzzle.


Crazy Hunter – 500 Points

Crazy Hunter is a DSiWare Racing game staring Chicken, Crocodile and the most random selection of maps ever to be on DSiWare. The game was also in Europe’s latest Nintendo Download. To see of you think EnjoyUp’s merits a purchase, watch a trailer here.

Wii Virtual Console:


Prince of Persia – 800 Points
The SNES game Prince of Persia was released in Europe earlier this year, and the 2D Action Platformer has now received a North America release. The game has been given positive reviews from when it was originally released on the SNES and when the game was released earlier this year in Europe. Watch gameplay on the SNES game here.

So that’s all for this weeks North America Nintendo Download. Comment on the WordPress post or the Twitter post to say which games you will be and won’t be downloading. Till next week.



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