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Weekly Roundup of Nintendo News

September 3, 2012

Here is a weekly feature we do at World Nintendo News every Monday. We go through every day of the week, mentioning the most important news so you don’t forget anything that recently happened in the World of Nintendo. We start with Sunday 27th August.

Sunday 27th August:
On Sunday 27th August, we at World Nintendo News opened our doors and gladly welcomed our first visitors. We also published our first news article, which detailed Europe’s Nintendo Download for August 30th. We also detailed news of a Pokedex 3D Update, which would be the last before the release of Pokedex 3D Pro in North America. There were also rumours the Wii U would launch on November 18th in North America.

Monday 28th August:
The Wii U release date rumours from yesterday were denied by GameStop after the Internet became ablaze with news of the consoles release. Nintendo announced a Nintendo Direct was dated for tomorrow. The Japanese Nintendo Direct would release news of the Wii and 3DS. The creator of Smash Bros. confirmed in an interview they would be new moves and characters in the 3DS and Wii U versions of the new Smash Bros. game. Nintendo also confirmed the games they would show off at PAX Prime 2012. They also announced they would be holding a retailer briefing in the upcoming week. World Nintendo News released our first feature showing Part 1 of the 5 Games we think should be released on the Wii U. Finally, we made our Twitter account, which you can follow @world_nintendo

Tuesday 29th August
After Monday’s Nintendo Direct announcement, rumours spread that Nintendo was going to unveil a Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask remake. World Nintendo News held comprehensive of Nintendo Direct when we gave live text updates of the Japanese video. We also did a complete roundup of Nintendo Direct with links to all the trailers and every piece of new information.

Wednesday August 30th
Thursday kicked off with a bumper crop of news after Iwata took to his Twitter account answer questions from confused fans. He started of by tweeting there would be a Wii U conference in Japan prior to the New York event on September 13th. He also said New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC is coming after fans became confused by no news of this in the Nintendo Direct. Nintendo of America also took to Twitter, saying that Animal Crossing: Jump Out and Luigis Mansion Dark Moon would be released in the first half of 2013. This came with news of a release date for Brain Training: Concentration, which would come out this December. Europe also got release dates, starting with Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask and ending with Animal Crossing: Jump Out and Luigis Mansion Dark Moon. The Majora’s Mask rumour from Wednesday was confirmed fake while in better news the Wii U Specs where revealed. Sadly, Nintendo Gamer Magazine announced it would stop publishing after the next issue via its Twitter Feed. A New Wii U Game was Confirmed in the shape of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 while IGN announced Nintendo would show off 13 3DS games at the Tokyo Game Show.

Thursday August 30th
The 30th August Nintendo Download for North America was revealed today while Picross E got a European release date on a slow news day.

Friday 31st August
Box Art for Zombie U was revealed while Paper Mario: Sticker Star got a North American Release Date. Pokedex 3D had its last update in North America while World Nintendo News released every Screenshot for Animal Crossing: Jump Out in a build up for a massive feature to be released next week.

Saturday September 1st
Amazon France gave the Wii U a release date and price ahead of September 13th when it will be officially revealed. Codemasters confirmed F1 2012 won’t come to the Wii U while World Nintendo News releasedannotated Screenshots for Animal Crossing: Jump Out ahead of next weeks massive feature. Finally, famous Nintendo Hater Micheal Patcher claimed Nintendo got lucky with the Wii.

Sunday 2nd August
We released our biggest article yet, when we got every piece of Animal Crossing: Jump Out news released since the games reveal at E3 2010. In other news, videos from PAX Prime 2012 were released on YouTube. It was also revealed that the next PAX Prime would be held in Australia.

Well that’s all the Nintendo News for a week and a day. Till next time.

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