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Animal Crossing: Jump Out – All the Info Released So Far

September 2, 2012

Title: Animal Crossing: Jump Out (North America/Europe) – Tobidase Dōbutsu no Mori (Japan)
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Release Date: November 8th (Japan), 2012 Q1/Q2 (North America), 2012 (Europe)

History of Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing: Jump Out is the 7 game in the Animal Crossing Series, which so far features 1 N64 Game, 3 GameCube Games, 1 DS Game, 1 Wii Game and now the 3DS Instalment. Animal Crossing is one Nintendo’s leading franchises, which is why it is now released on nearly every new Nintendo Console. All 6 previous Instalments of the Social-Sim franchise have prompted 16.5 Million Worldwide sales. The series is so popular in Japan, it even prompted an Anime Film in Japan called Dōbutsu no Mori. The franchise features many of Nintendo’s most iconic characters including Tom Nook, M.R Resseti and K.K Slider.

3DS Game Announcement:
At E3 2010, during the reveal of the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo showed a picture featuring the logos of their franchises which would receive 3DS Games. Some of these games included Kid Icarus, Luigi’s Mansion and Super Mario. The western Animal Crossing logo was on this list. After Nintendo’s 2010 E3 Conference, they released 6 Screenshots of Gameplay. These were as follows:
Notable Features from these Screenshots are as follows:
• Updated Graphics
• Outdoor Furniture Including Benches and Lampposts return for the first time since the Nintendo 64 original
• Player and Animal heights are now more realistic. For instance, A player is taller then a squirrel but smaller then a bear
• Updated Houses
• The Sea is on the left side of the map instead of at the bottom of the map
• Holidays like The Festival return (There is a Pave table in a screenshot)

E3 2011:
For 1 year after E3 2010, no new info was released until the following E3. After Nintendo’s E3 2011 Press Conference, which was focused on Nintendo’s new Home Console the Wii U, Nintendo released the first trailer and extra screenshots for the game then known as Animal Crossing 3DS.

Text From the E3 2011 Trailer:
Bunnie: It’s about time you showed up, Emily! I mean, Pecan and I have been waiting, y’know?
The Screenshots released at E3 2011 are as follows:
Notable Features from these Screenshots are as follows:
• Both Animals and Players can sit on benches
• You are the Mayor of the village and you have a secretary
• You can now go Swimming
• Animal Crossing: Wild World style housing returns
• You can now place items on walls
• Two animals can go in 1 house
• Animal Tents return from the GameCube Game
• Mushrooms return
• New types of bushes & flowers
• There is a new pose for bug catching which allows you to walk up to bugs slowly so you don’t scare them off
• Nintendo Items Return

Tokyo Game Show 2011
After the E3 2011 Trailer and Screenshots, there was a three month gap till the Tokyo Game Show, where a new batch of Screenshots were released along with a new trailer. No release date or title news was given at the Tokyo Game Show.

Text From the Tokyo Game Show Trailer in English:
Tom Nook: Yes, Yes, is this were you would like to build your house
Lily: Hello Mayor, Have you been to Nibbles House yet? Gaston is visiting her for her birthday
Nibbles: Oh Mayor! You finally came, Gaston and I have been waiting
Shizu: Yes Mayor! Is this were you want the Café to be built?
Screenshots from the Tokyo Game Show 2011:
Notable Features From the Tokyo Game Show are as Follows:
• The Clock and Well are both available as outside objects
• 3 Players can Wifi at the same time. Unlike Animal Crossing: Wild World, more then 2 players can go in 1 building
• You can choose where to build your house (This could relate to the tent from E3 2011. Could the tent be a temporary home while your first house is built?)
• The Café is now built as a single building.
• You pick were to put buildings

Developers Roundtable – December 2011:
In December 2011, a video showing a discussion with the developers of Animal Crossing gave news of new features and information on Animal Crossing 3DS. You can watch the developers roundtable here. Here is what they said in the video in English:

Katsuya Eguchi: Hi, I’m Katsuya Eguchi the producer. Today I’m here to talk about my new Animal Crossing Game for Nintendo 3DS with 3 developers from the team. Let’s get started. I have here comments from Club Nintendo members who have played past Animal Crossing games. I want to read some of them to use as discussion points for us to talk about the next game. Shall we begin?

All: Thanks for having us

Katsuya Eguchi: First Comment

How I Like to play Animal Crossing
“I liked how you were able to relax and interact with other animals in the village, and spend time there at your own pace. I also like how life in the village felt realistic” – 39 year old man

Katsuya Eguchi: I like to think the 3DS version is going to be the same in terms of how you can live in the village at your own pace. Can I ask you about what’s going to change for the new game? Kyogoku-San?

Aya Kyogotu: As one of the new features for the Nintendo 3DS version, you become the village mayor.
Aya Kyogotu: As mayor, you can develop your village. Well, also you don’t have to. So you can be a bad mayor if you want to.

Katsuya Eguchi: You can work really hard or do nothing. That doesn’t change even when you’re mayor.

Aya Kyogotu: I think past players will be able to play the new game with a fresh perspective.

How I Like To Play Animal Crossing
“I like to take game easy, just wandering around fishing, catching bugs, and talking to villagers. I like going to the shop every day to buy things like clothing.” – 18 year old female

Katsuya Eguchi: There are so many clothing designs in Animal Crossing. I’m sure we can see more designs in the next game, but I would like to ask Takahashi-San, who’s representing the design team, about new features.

Koji Takahashi: Sure. The big thing now is that there are now separate tops and bottoms. So girls can wear pants, and boys…well… Dress up with more options.

Katsuya Eguchi: Can you wear skirts?

Koji Takahashi: They can if they want to. Right. Characters were much shorter in previous games…
Koji Takahashi: …but now their bodies are longer so they can better show off their style.

What I Like About Animal Crossing
“I like how you can discover new things in other peoples villages” – 15 year old male

Katsuya Eguchi: This is about the communications feature. When you see another persons village, you’ll see a village that looks very different from yours. How is it for the new game?

Aya Kyogotu: Since it’s for Nintendo 3DS, people can get together, around a table like this, and go play together.
Aya Kyogotu: I hope people will go out more now.
Aya Kyogotu: And since you’re going to be mayor, you can add things like benches and street lamps to make your village look pretty and add character.

Katsuya Eguchi: How does the village look?

Koji Takahashi: A little different. The beach is bigger.
Koji Takahashi: And there’s a shopping mall across the railroad track. You can even run around the beach barefoot. There’s a lot.

Katsuya Eguchi: Your producer didn’t know that! It makes me want to run around the beach.

Why I Like To Play Animal Crossing
“I like how there are so many kinds of cute animals” – 26 year old female

Katsuya Eguchi: There are many familiar characters appearing in the new game. Takahashi-San, tell me what has changed?

Koji Takahashi: The players’ bodies got longer, and with that we revisited how tall each of the animals are. We made the small animals smaller and the big animals bigger. So squirrels are small and bears are big.
Koji Takahashi: You can really tell when they’re next to each other.

Katsuya Eguchi: You made the contrast like cute and strong

Koji Takahashi: I think there’s going to be more life to the animals because of this

Katsuya Eguchi: Let’s talk about the new characters

Koji Takahashi: Since the player is mayor, you get a secretary to support your duties. A secretary to support the mayor

Katsuya Eguchi: A secretary?

Koji Takahashi: I call her “Shizu”

Katsuya Eguchi: Is that so

Koji Takahashi: She’s going to support you…
Koji Takahashi: …and talking to her should be one of the more fun things to do. She’s a little clumsy, so I’m not sure how good a job she can do

Katsuya Eguchi: She’ll do fine

How I Like To Play Animal Crossing
“I like how you can make your own room using your own furniture” – 18 year old female

Katsuya Eguchi: There’s also a lot of furniture in Animal Crossing. For the Nintendo 3DS version I’m sure there will be more designs, so can you talk about what’s new with furniture?

Koji Takahashi: You can take your furniture to the shop to have your own furniture made. Like you can change your cushion patterns on your sofa to a heart shape
Katsuya Eguchi: And I heard you were able to change the exterior of your house?

Aya Kyogotu: You were able to change your roof colour before, but now you can change the outer wall, the fence and even the mail posts. As a new feature, you can use the StreetPass feature to exchange house designs with other players. At the end of the village, there’s a lot of model homes. The houses you receive via StreetPass will be displayed as model homes.

Katsuya Eguchi: Until now you could only go to friends’ houses, but now you can look at the houses of people you don’t know.

Koji Takahashi: A real estate agent is managing the model homes. And the agent, actually, is Tom Nook.
Katsuya Eguchi: He’s got a new job!

Koji Takahashi: He did
Koji Takahashi: I’m looking forward to seeing how he does as a real estate agent

How I Like to Play Animal Crossing
“I like how you can relax with it at your free time. And the music! It’s very soothing. – 47 year old female

Katsuya Eguchi: A lot of people say they really like the music in Animal Crossing

Kazumi Totaka: Thank You

Katsuya Eguchi: Totaka-San, as the person who worked on the music in all the Animal Crossing games, please tell us what you’re working on for the new game.

Kazumi Totaka: As before, I’m focusing on making the music do that people can relax and enjoy life in the village. Also, we talked about how the beach was much bigger. The entire village is also much bigger then before. Because of that, I’m making music so players can enjoy even more freedom for the game.

Katsuya Eguchi: I’m sure you want people to play the game and hear the music soon

Kazumi Totaka: I do. Please look forward to it.

How I Like To Play Animal Crossing
“I loved K.K Slider’s show. I looked forward to it every week. – 18 year old female

Kazumi Totaku: You can’t talk about Animal Crossing without talking about K.K Slider’s Saturday show

Katsuya Eguchi: People are going to have to see the actual show in the new game, but to close this discussion today I’d like to ask Totaku-San to play a tune for us

Kazuni Totaku: All right, I’ll give it my best shot
To Watch Kazuni Totaku’s song, click here.
Notable Features from the Directors Roundtable are as follows:
• You can wear Shirts & Trousers
• Boys can wear skirts
• You can go Swimming with your friends
• The mayor adds things like Benches and Lampposts to your village
• The beach is bigger
• The village is bigger
• There’s a railway
• There is a Shopping Mall
• You can go Barefoot
• The Secretary is called Shizu and will support you in your duties. She is a clumsy animal
• There is a Furniture Shop where you go to edit you furniture
• You can change the exterior of the house including the fence, mail post and outer walls
• There will be a StreetPass Plaza at the end of the village were there is a lot of homes. When you StreetPass somebody, there house is displayed as a model home here
• The StreetPass Plaza is run by a Real Estate Agent. The Real Estate Shop and StreetPass Plaza are run by Tom Nook
• There will be new music in Animal Crossing 3DS

Japanese Nintendo Direct – April 21st 2012
On April 21st 2012, Nintendo held their first Nintendo Direct to unveil new info about Animal Crossing. A release date of 2012 was given for Japan, and a name of Tobidase Dōbutsu no Mori was also released. Tobidase Dōbutsu no Mori translates to English as Animal Crossing: Jump Out. While no trailer was released in this Nintendo Direct, a few Screenshots were released.
Screenshots From Nintendo Direct – April 21st 2012:
Notable Features from Nintendo Direct – April 21st 2012
• Player can now hold accessories like cups
• There is a new furniture shop run by a pair of Llamas
• Kick’s now had his own Shoe Shop and you can buy shoes
• As mayor, you get your own desk

Nintendo Direct Japan – June 21 2012:
On June 21st, a Nintendo Direct was held in Japan, which revealed a new trailer and various screenshots. The video had a commentary by Iwata. Here is a video with the Iwata commentary in English.

Iwata Commentary in English Text:
As the player, you make the village as you please.
You’ll be appointed mayor of the village.
As mayor, you’ll carry out various public activities.
Everyone in the village is intractable and you’ll continue to be the soul of the village.
There will be new types of villagers and old ones will be returning.
Characters will have more rich personalities.
Across the village line is the mall.
Ranging from shop to shop are familiar tools.
You can go back and forth between friends towns.
Houses will appear via StreetPass and more will appear as you pass more people.
You may tour their homes.
The new Workshop has been made to significantly improve decorating.
You can customise the entire house to your liking.
It is up to you to decide the individuality of your house.

In the Nintendo Direct – June 21st 2012 trailer there is also text from the animals. Click here to see a video with the text in English.

Animal Text in English Text:

Shizu: Mayor, we were waiting
Shizu: This is government work, from every villagers request
Chouco: Yahoo Mayor! Are you ready to talk to me?
Ogapu: Congrats eh! You brought a house
Couriso: Sometime ago, I said what my name would be. I’m Couriso, nice to meet you
Animen: We meet again eh, what business do you have for me. An investigation huh?
Doe-Ray-Me: Hey, what business do you have mayor?
Timmy: Welcome! Dynamo!
Kicks: Welcome
Robin: Whaaaaat? A person I don’t know? Well this is our first meeting!
Screenshots From Nintendo Direct – June 21st 2012
Notable Features from Nintendo Direct – June 21st 2012:
• You arrive at a Train Station
• Porter is back
• Bulletin Boards Return
• Solar Panels and Fountains added to Outdoor Furniture
• When you arrive at the town, you’re mayor
• Villagers ask the Mayor Requests
• Timmy now runs Nook’s Cranny
• Kick’s runs a Shoe Shop
• Katrina runs a Fortune Teller

Nintendo Direct – August 29th 2012
On August 29th, Nintendo held yet another Nintendo Direct in Japan which gave Animal Crossing a Japanese Release Date of November 22nd. There was also a new video with Iwata commentary and screenshots of GamePlay. Watch a trailer with translated audio here.

Nintendo Direct – August 29th 2012 Audio Translation Text:
As mayor, your job is to make the town a better place to live. It’s you who decides the future of the town. For example, placing buildings in the town is one of your jobs. You can decide if you want buildings like the Reset Monitoring Centre and the Coffee Shop are put in you town. You can make rules which decide when animals sleep and shops open and close. The time is synchronised with real life time, so if you stay up late, keep your animals up late.

This time you can be more fashionable. You can change your pants and socks. You can also design clothes and send them to your friends using QR Codes.

You can change your house as well as clothing. You can combine house parts you like to make your own unique house.

There will be plenty of new furniture types including ones you can put on walls. Even the designs can be Custom-Made to make your room look more fancy.

Nintendo Direct – August 29th Text Translation:

Nintendo Direct – August 29th Screenshots:





Notable information from Nintendo Direct – August 29th 2012
• Lost & Found Police Station returns
• Resetti is back
• You decide animal sleeping hours
• You decide opening and closing hours
• Tom Nooks shop sells house parts
• Tom Nook works with Lyle

Other Screenshots:
Here is a list of Screenshots that haven’t been announced by Nintendo, but by magazines and gaming websites. I’ve credited everyone who I’ve got information from at the end of the page.

Other Screenshots:






Here is a summary of the information confirmed for Animal Crossing: Jump Out, but not in a Nintendo Announcement
Other Information:
• When you catch a bug or fish, you get told its height automatically
• There are new bridge types
• There is a Gardening Shop
• You can build windmills anywhere in the town
• The museum is back

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[Wikipedia ] [Animal Crossing Wiki 3DS] [YouTube – AggressionSsbb]


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  1. Just to correct a bit of information. The actual number of Animal Crossing games is 4. Animal Forest(?) was original name of the game when it released N64 only in Japan. It was later ported to GC as Animal Crossing and eventually released outside of Japan. In Europe originally we got Doshin the Giant instead of Animal Crossing. We did eventually get the game. The next one was DS game called Wild World which was followed by City Folk on Wii. The newest game is 3DS one as we all know.

    My thoughts on 2 animals in one house. In City Folk when it’s an animal’s birthday they can invite you to the party. There would be others inside the house then. I think in a couple of games there were times animals would come into your house. It’s most likely one will be visiting as opposed to both living in the same house.

    I wonder if they will be futuristic themed houses. They always seem to be the most fun ones.

    • The number of Animal Crossing games released is an interesting subject. While originally I believed there were 4 games, a quick look on Wikipedia could tell you otherwise. In theory, there are only 4 games, the N64 version, the GameCube version and the Wii & DS versions. However, the GameCube game was a port so only 4 different games will exist on the release of the 3DS one. But if you count it has times an Animal Crossing game has been released, there was Animal Forest (N64), Animal Crossing + (Japan Only) a port of the N64 game for GameCube, Animal Crossing Population Growing (North America/Europe) which added some minor features to the Japan GameCube Game and then a third GameCube Animal Forest e+ (Japan Only) which was a Japanese version of the Western GameCube game. The other 3 are obviously the DS, Wii and the 3DS game. So depending on how you look at it, there is either 4 or 7 games.

      As for house themes, I reckon there will be more futerestic ones. If you look at the latest Nintendo Direct Trailer, there is an orange futerestic theme at the end.

      As for animals in one house, it is most likly to be just a visitor. Perhaps the animals can upgrade their houses now, and that the other animals house could be a temporary home. This could also link to the tent from the E3 2011 trailer.

      • The only problem with that is if you take what you put and apply it to a series like Final Fantasy you end up saying a ridiculous number of games and majority will be remakes/ports/alt versions. It would be more accurate to say first Animal Crossing game had 3 different versions. Saying the series has 7 games strongly implies that these are separate games and not remakes/ports/alt versions. At least that is how I look at it. A lot take StarFox and StarFox 64 as separate games but StarFox 64 is actually a remake. Which is depressing because StarFox has 6 games released and 2 of them are remakes of 1st game.

        I was meaning the outside of the house. You can change outside appearance in this game. Which is probably what the tent is. The series already have at least 2(kinda) futuristic item themes. Robo series and space series. Also there is Arwing item.

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