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Nintendo Download: August 30th (North America)

August 31, 2012

This weeks Nintendo Download for North America is a lot better then Europe latest one. Although the Wii doesn’t feature this week, the 3DS is heavily supported with 2 3DS EShop Games, 1 3DS Virtual Console Game and 1 3DS Demo. There was also 1 DSiWare Game. We begin with 3DS Download Games:

3DS Download Software:

SpeedX 3D ($3.99):
SpeedX 3D is a tube racer which has been out in Europe for over 1 month, and makes good use of the Stereotypic 3D. Watch a trailer for SpeedX 3D here to decide if you want to download the game.

Outdoors Unleashed: Africa 3D ($3.99)
Outdoors Unleashed: Africa 3D pits you, a hunter, against endangered species in the African Wild. Not one for PETA, but watch a trailer here to decide if you want the shooter.


Escape The Virus: Shoot ‘Em Up (200 Points):
Escape The Virus: Shoot ‘Em Up is a Twin Stick Shooter where you have to kill as many enemies as possible without dying. Watch a video of it here to see if you want to spend 200 points on the DSiWare game.

3DS Virtual Console:

Toki Tori ($3.99):
Toki Tori is a 11 year old GameBoy Colour, which merited a WiiWare Release as well as a Wii U sequel. The platformer was released in Europe’s last Nintendo Download. Watch a trailer here to decide if you want to buy Toki Tori.

3DS Demos:

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (Free):
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy’s Demo was the first Demo with unlimited plays. The Music game based on Final Fantasy has been long released, but the Demo is being released now. You can watch gameplay of the highly rated 3DS game here to see if it merits a download.

So that’s all of the Downloads for North America. Reply to the tweet on post on WordPress to say which games you want to and don’t want to download.


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