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Japanese Charts Are In – Nintendo Sales Fall

August 30, 2012


8 Nintendo Games are in this weeks Japanese Top 10, but sales for both games a consoles have fallen. This is only because last week New Super Mario Bros 2 came out, so it’s no cause to panic, and Nintendo are still top dog in Japan. In Console sales, the 3DS sold 7 times as many consoles as both the PS3 and PSP VITA.

1.[3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2
2. [PSP] Bakemonogatari Portable
3. [NDS] Pokemon Black 2 / White 2
4. [WII] Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online
5. [3DS] Oni Training
6. [WII] Just Dance Wii 2
7. [3DS] Taiko no Tatsujin: Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na Orb
8. [3DS] Kobitodzukan: Kobito Kansatsu Set
9. [WII] Wii Sports Resort with Wii Remote Plus
10. [PSP] Detective Opera: Milky Holmes 2

Console Sales:
Nintendo 3DS: 71.373
PlayStation 3: 11.896
PlayStation Vita: 10.880
PSP: 9.499
WII: 8.810
Nintendo DS: 1.542
PlayStation 2: 1.157
Xbox 360: 863

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