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Nintendo Direct – Wednesday 29th August

August 29, 2012



Watch Nintendo Direct Here

1:21 PM – It’s over finally, thanks for watching Nintendo Direct with World Nintendo News

1:19 PM – This game looks very similar to Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks

1:09 PM – An Iwata Asks with the Denpa Ningen no RPG 2, the RPG shown earlier when Tingle like people battled in forest and what not

1:08 PM – I’m going to make a cup of tea while this tedious video continues

1:05 PM – I’m going to be disappointing if there’s no Animal Crossing Video

1:02 PM – Talking about the game features

1:00 PM – Back to the Art Game with Wally/Waldo

12:59 PM – Now they’re back to Barley Default 3DS

12:54 PM – Still showing New Super Mario Bros 2 videos

12:48 PM – Now some additional videos, starting with New Super Mario Bros 2 Coin Rush

12:47 PM – Monster Hunter 4, the Japanese will be loving this

12:46 PM – A game called Friend Collection for DS, coming out in 2012, the DS isn’t dead yet!

12:45 PM – Dreadlocks Iwata

12:44 PM – Looks like Nintendo Land Hub

12:43 PM – Onto New DS Games

12:42 PM – There is also an Iwata Asks for Harmo Knight

12:41 PM – Now it’s Harmo Knight, a 2D Platformer and Music game

12:40 PM – An Iwata asks for that is out in Japan

12:40 PM – Denpa Ningen no RPG 2 to be precise

12:39 PM – A new Japanese Mii RPG

12:38 PM – Telling you when the games already shown are out

12:37 PM – Japanese release schedule is on now

12:35 PM – Paper Mario Super Seal is on now, release in 2012, it’s looking fine.

12:33 PM – Animal Crossing: Jump Out out on the 8th of November. Tom Nook runs housing shop, buy doors, mailboxes window, extensions. Lost & Found Returns. Buy Bridges, Chairs etc. for town, Resetti is back :(, QR Codes for clothes and more later.

12:30 PM – Wagamama Fashion Girls, a fashion game nobody outside Japan will purchase.

12:28 PM – A scary looking man in a Wheres Wally/Waldo outfit. Questionable choice Nintendo. He’s playing Shin Egokoro Kyoushitsu

12:26 PM – Shin Egokoro Kyoushitsu has come on, but it’s just an art game, stick to Art Academy

12:25 PM – Professor Layton Choubunmei to A no Isan, coming out in 2013, will be the last game in the series

12:23 PM – A new Professor Layton Game on 3DS being talked about by the CEO of Level-5

12:22 PM – Naruto SD is on

12:21 PM – It’s out November 22th in Japan

12:21 PM – Moving on to X-Troopers

12:20 PM – It includes Inzamu Eleven 1, 2 and 3

12:19 PM – A Collection of Inzamu Eleven Games for 3DS

12:17 PM – Some kind of singing game with Mii’s called AKB48+ME

12:15 PM – Some Game-play for Project X Zone

12:14 PM – Onto Barley Default 3DS and a new Battle System

12:12PM – A new third party game called Medalot 7

12:10 PM – There is a new app to go alongside Dragon Quest X

12:08 PM – Iwata has now moved on to talking about the amount of coins in New Super Mario Bros 2

12:06 PM – Kirby Collection for Wii is up

12:04 PM – Not sure if it’s a game or not!!

12:03 PM – A Football game titled McDonald’s Cup is on

12:01 PM – It has started, My body is ready!!!

11:52AM – With only 8 minutes to go, the hype is building up. What will be announced?

11:07AM – Only 50 minutes to go till Nintendo Direct starts, be sure to stay here if you want to stay up to date with the latest Nintendo news. Remember to refresh manually you won’t get any news.

8:58AM – Nintendo are hosting yet another Nintendo Direct today and this time it’s for Japan. While you watch it, be sure to keep this page in a tab and refresh it regularly to make sure you know what’s going on. If you keep up to date here then please remember to refresh THIS PAGE manually or you’ll get no new information on the Nintendo Direct


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