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Feature: 5 Games That Should Be On Wii U – Part 1 of 2

August 28, 2012

Nintendo are set to announce the release date and price for the Wii U, so to get you in the mood, we’ve made a list of 5 games we think should be on the Wii U.

5. Football Manager:
For those who don’t know, Football Manager is a PC, PSP and IOS game which puts you in the position of a Soccer Manager. You are boss of transfers, scouting, finances and anything else to do with the job. Whilst the game isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, the Wii U Gamepad would be perfect to operate the Football Simulators screens. You could play matches and not have to pause the game to make tactical changes and substitutions. Whilst this may seem like a minor change to those who haven’t played the game, it would make the game quicker and easy to use. The Wii U could improve the 3D gameplay engine with its HD graphics making the game more realistic then ever.
Odds of Happening:
The game has never appeared on a home console and the odds of it happening now seen unlikely.

Grand Theft Auto V:
Rockstars 18+ Sandbox game is one of the blockbuster series in the gaming industry. Grand Theft Auto IV is the highest rated game on both the PS3 and Xbox and by the looks of things the sequel may be the game to top it. The sales alone are 1 reason the game should be on the Wii U. If the game where a Wii U exclusive, Nintendo would be drooling at the money it would create, but that idea is a little far fetched. Anyone who has played GTA IV will know that pulling up your phone while you have a Wanted Level is extremely frustrating because you get shot and have reopen the phone. With the Wii U Gamepad you could activate cheats efficiently and without dying. You could have a map on the Gamepad so you don’t have to pause the game to see where you’re going. Overall, the would be some minor tweaks to gameplay, but this would be the first main series game to grace a Nintendo console. This would be a big step for the Wii U, showing Nintendo have the capability to compete with Sony and Microsoft in obtaining big games for their consoles.
Odds of Happening:
Rockstar have already shown they’re prepared to put games on Nintendo consoles with Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars (Nintendo DS) so there is a possibility of this happening. It’s all dependent on how close RockStar are to finishing the game. If the development stage is almost complete, the game is unlikely to be released for the Wii U anytime soon, but it’s always a possibility.

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